Activities in April

This month we’ll be having a bit fewer events than last month since we will not have a photo fika. Also photo walk for May added. 3rd of April: At 14:00 14:30 we start with a studio introduction on 3rd of April. We meet at the fika room. Facebook event 9th of April: We’ll be

Activities coming up in March!

Linslusen has a new board, and we have decided we need to get things going again. As always you’re welcome to attend one of our activities even though you’re not a member before deciding on if you want to become a member or not! Here comes a list, more information about each thing will come.

Studio Introduction & Photo Fika

On 11th of December we will have our last studio introduction and photo fika for this year. Sadly we haven’t been able to arrange a dark room introduction, something which is high in priority. Next photo walk will be next year. 14:00 to 15:00: Photo fika with theme Christmas if you wish to bring any

Annual meeting 2021

18th of December 2021 at 15:00 Linslusen invites all our member to our annual meeting. Considering where things are going with Covid-19 we have decided it will be online. Proposals from members should be sent to the board at minimum 7 days before the meeting, we have chosen to interpret this as before 15:00 Saturday

Diwali Festival photo shoot

Indian Student Organisation will have an event to celebrate Diwali at the C-building this Saturday (20th of November) from 17:00 to 22:00. We will have a photo booth there set up for our members were we can practice on taking group photos and we will also be photographing the festivities. Have you been thinking about

Information update

Photo walk On October 9th (Saturday) we start at Resecentrum 11:00 and meeting spot will be between the car drop off location and the electric bike charging station. Expect to be out for a few hours and dress accordingly. Hopefully there should be plenty of opportunity for nice autumn pictures to be had. Photo fika

Nu är det över!

The 29th of September the thing we’ve waited for finally happens. Corona restrictions no longer apply! Linslusen has due to Corona first lowered the ambitions in beginning of 2020, and later on been going to sleep towards the end of 2020. We (in the board) simply did not enjoy spending time and effort on online

Årsmöte 2019

Hallå! Det är dags att prata om årsmötet! 1: Viktiga datum 5 December: Sista dagen för att skicka in motioner! 12 December: Datum för årsmötet! 2: Vad som gäller Årsmötet: Det är på årsmötet som sittande styrelse redovisar sitt verksamhetsår, får ansvarsfrihet om de skött sig, och så väljs därefter en ny styrelse. Den nya styrelsen röstas

Månadsträff – Tema ”Ljus”

  Note: The date has been changed to Tuesday the same week (26/11)! När: Tisdag 26/11 kl 18:30 Var: Rydsvägen 246, längst upp i trapphuset Med höstens mörka nätter kan det vara svårt att finna ljus i vardagen, men förhoppningsvis kan vårt tema få er att leta! Kanske en lång exponering på en bilväg, eller ett

Fotoöl på Villevalla

När: Fredag 8 november kl 19-23 Var: Villevalla pub Häng med oss till Villevalla för att ta en öl (eller valfri dryck), prata foto och kanske spela nå’t brädspel!   English: What: ’Photo beer’ at Villevalla When: Friday, November 8th at 19-23 Where: Villevalla pub Join us at Villevalla, where we’ll grab a beer (or