Linslusen Slack

Since many years back Linslusen has a Slack which has been used by most boards to communicate internally. We also used to have communication with members there, but these days few members know it exist. Facebook was long the preferred way for communication with members. Those of you who are in our members group in facebook probably noticed how quiet it is. Many there are not members anymore and facebook isn’t used as much by the new students. People still message us in private on facebook still and we still advertise it there when someone asks us for a photographer. Change is constant and this is no exception.

A few of our new members got to know about our Slack and they wondered why we don’t advertise it more, and we (the board) didn’t have any answer. If our members wants us to advertise it, then we should advertise it! We do however want to keep it clean there, and we will not show it on our webpage to prevent bots and such from joining. Instead we will send a time limited invite link in our information emails and we will invite anyone who asks us for it, no matter if you’re a member or just interested.

Ying is already adding the link to the (soon to be sent) next information email, and anyone else not on this mailing list who “wants in” can ask us (the board) for it through any of our official channels and we will provide an invite. We think it’s important you don’t need any account on a 3rd party service to participate so of course we will posting information on this website, and we will keep making facebook events. On Slack we hope it’s easier for you to make your voice to be heard by us.