Nu är det över!

The 29th of September the thing we’ve waited for finally happens. Corona restrictions no longer apply! Linslusen has due to Corona first lowered the ambitions in beginning of 2020, and later on been going to sleep towards the end of 2020. We (in the board) simply did not enjoy spending time and effort on online photo activities, and it’s hard to get voluntary things done when you don’t enjoy them.

Now things has changed! 29th of September restrictions are gone, and on Saturday 2nd of October we will have open house at Linslusen (13:00 to 15:00) followed by a Studio Introduction at 15:00. 9th of October we will have a photowalk along Stångån in Linköping and in end of month we will have a photo fika. During month of October we will not care about membership, everyone is welcome to our activites!

When it comes to people with active memberships during 2020 and 2021 we’re in talks internally (in the board) about how to deal with this. We (as in the board) don’t feel it’s right to have paid membership to an organisation expecting something and getting close to nothing and we are currently considering which kind of compensation we can give and still be within our bylaws and similar.