Linslusen Slack

Since many years back Linslusen has a Slack which has been used by most boards to communicate internally. We also used to have communication with members there, but these days few members know it exist. Facebook was long the preferred way for communication with members. Those of you who are in our members group in

Photowalk at Bergs slussar

Bergs slussar is a system of water locks in Berg and we’re planning to have a photo walk around there on the 26th of March. We start at 10:00 on the main bridge across the water and then we walk around the lock system and up the river a bit, then down to Vreta monastery

Studio Introduction

On the Sunday 5th of March at 15:00 we will have the next studio introduction and we hope many show up! One of the great advantages of being a member of Linslusen is access to our studio, which is basically free for members to use as long as it’s not for what we define as

Board for 2023

Earlier this month the annual meeting of 2022 ended and there is now a new board. The new board consist of the previous 2022 board with the addition of Axel Hedlund and the possibility to bring in 2 more. Planning of new activities has also started and we hope for another good year! The new

Photowalk at Stångån

We will have a photowalk between Tannefors slussar and the powerplant at Stångån in Linköping at 14:00 on the 4th of February and we will start from Stångebro bridge at the end of Storgatan. We of course have no idea what the weather would be like on this date but never the less we hope

Darkroom workshop

On the 21st of January (Saturday) starting at 12:00 there will be a workshop held by Axel Hedlund. Axel is responsible for our darkroom since a few months back and has been doing a lot to clean up and get our darkroom functional since he took the role. Axel appreciate to know how many will